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About us

Safecare Biotech(Hangzhou)Co.,Ltd.,headquartered in Hangzhou Future-Tech City has been an innovative and leading manufacturer of POCT rapid tests and analyzers for more than 10 years. Our company specializes in research & development, production, sales and service of POCT rapid diagnostic reagents including the detection of infectious diseases, Drug of Abuse,alcohol,Women Health, Cardiac Markers tests and Tumor Markers tests, among which infectious disease and drugs of abuse detection are the two core product series of our company.

Our sales network has been extended to more than 100 countries and regions. We have obtained CE and FDA certificates for more than 100 products and registered in many countries. We are committed to provide professional service and a comprehensive, cutting-edge product offering.


Why we founded SAFECARE?

Alex Qiu,the founder of Safecare Biotech,is a kind person that full of love. He used to be a volunteer in a hospital helping patients there and found out there were so many people taking risk in their health. Lacking the awareness of regular diagnosis on their health,they lost the best period of treatment for their diseases. Alex started to think how can help these people and let them know about rapid tests which is easy to use and costless medical device that they can even use at home.

Meanwhile,People in sick need more care and Alex wants everyone to be safe and sound in health,and live a better and happy life far away from diseases and drugs. That’s also how our company name SAFECARE comes.

Now everyone in Safecare strives to innovate new products and provide our love and careness to the world.


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